Once you have met our pre enrollment
criteria and complete our truck driving school we guarantee you a job, Period!

We are 100% committed to our students and have never laid off a driver in our 89 year history. Make the right decision!
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That's right! $50 dollars down and the rest is financed. Regardless of your credit.

We will payroll deduct the rest @ $55 per pay check for 15 weeks, and @ $75 per pay check until you have paid the tuition cost of $2995 in full.
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We offer two employment options for our Truck Driving School graduates:

  • Company Driver- You can stay on as a C.R. England Company driver and let us
    handle the paper work.
  • Lease Operator- You can lease a truck from us and take on the additional
    responsibilities of owning your own business.

Our training process is industry leading for a reason. Our drivers aren't just rushed through school, given a license and sent on their way. Here is what makes us different:

  • Education- Since you are going to be working for us, in our equipment, we make sure you have the ability to operate equipment safely and properly.
  • Training- After you have been licensed, we don't stop there. You will train with one of our over the road driver trainers for about 30 days. After completion, you will then be shown the ropes by one of our lease operators for another 60 days. That's right our training lasts 90 days. The competition doesn't even come close.
  • Equipment- We have a reputation for having the newest and cleanest equipment on the road. That means you will train on the most up to date equipment which includes paperless logs, mobile eye, and pre-pass.
  • School Locations- We have three school locations spread across the U.S.A.. We pay for transportation to our truck driving schools and provide students with free room and board.Click Here for more school information.

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We are a Charter Member of the
Healthy Trucking Association of America



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